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You see her sitting by herself at the bar,  sipping on her colorful cocktail while glancing around the room. You can tell she’s hoping for some type of unique excitement that only you could provide. Of course you take a glance at her again to note her beauty. Her rich curly hair, the smooth caramel complexion. She’s got more allure than a dream. Are you going to let your nerves get the better of you, of this glorious opportunity to catch the cub? What would be the reason not to strike a conversation, you don’t want to embarrass yourself?

What if I told you that some odd nights ago the fish she had at a restaurant didn’t sit so well with her? Her poised disposition was completely compromised while she sat on the toilet, quietly praying that the burning sensation of bowel movements would go away.  Does that calm your nerves a bit?

We are all human, we eat, sleep, and shit. We get so wrapped up in the possibility of failure that we lose without even trying. Don’t let your ego or lack of self confidence limit you from getting the utmost out of life. Sure there will always be rejection here or failure there, but if you look at it as just that, then you won’t see the underlying message the world is trying to show you. Our days are numbered. You can either cower in the sense of shame, or you can take a chance on yourself, that you can make it out of the tiger's den.


*Translation on the back.