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Our Beliefs

Lawjixx was born on a rainy day, err month to be exact. I remember how often people would approach me at my teller station and in an unfulfilling dialogue, these people would begin to comment on how much we needed the rain. Race, age, gender, sexual orientation, none of it mattered as they would begin to pour their beliefs on how much we needed the rain. It struck me as odd. The reason being was so many people were so happy to share their two cents about the rain, but when it came to have a more meaningful conversation, the glee fled from their eyes.  If so many people can unify on such a small and pointless conversation about simple forecasting, then why not substitute it for a bigger message. A message of empathy, and lessons that are learned in everyday life. Why submit to something so trite? Why not progress to something that is more inclusive and of more sustenance.


Lawjixx and its creation to me is a solution to my question. It’s concept is meant to provoke a deeper thought process. With a simple message that is palpable, it enters one’s mind and soon brings forth a more engaged and aware conversation or mindset. Overall I’m creating Lawjixx to spread unity and active empathy for all. By creating shirts with different languages and different philosophies, it’s meant to be the bridge that gaps people’s beliefs that diversity is scary. It’s not. It’s absolutely and wholeheartedly magnificent and Lawjixx will be a platform that elevates that idea.