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Who are we again?

Well for starters, who am I?

If I was really to go in depth with who I am, there would be a slew of messy facts in which no pieces would fit together. A sample of my personal likes include puzzles, riddles, really anything where I can troubleshoot using logic and creativity. I'm most thankful of my unorthodox nature because it grants me this insight into other people's worlds. My versatility and empathy can lead me to talk to a vagrant about religion to a peer about quantum mechanics, to my girlfriend about fashion. I strongly believe in diversifying oneself in order to truly live an enriching life, where one can draw upon a repertoire of experiences to navigate the dynamic life we live in. 


Ok, well enough about you, why should I shop here?


Well if you're on this page at all, you must have a need be it a need for a shirt or a need to satiate a curiosity as to what the hell is Lawjixx?  I can talk about all fantastic qualities of the site, such as the materials being used in the shirt, or how one can relate with any of the messages being displayed. But I think anyone should shop on here because my goal is to make the most simplest of actions grow into something that's beyond ourselves. One purchase can impact the world in such a powerful way that my mere words could not explain the depth of it. 


Well what's the goal,the mission?


Providing  Empathy and Enlightenment.


I never would have thought my soapbox for my bar stool philosophies would be T-Shirts. I always figured I'd have some type of leather bounded book with my name engraved along the spine, but I thought the problem with grandiose philosophies is that their nature embraces complexity. There's nothing wrong with the difficult logic but if it can then why not boil it down into something that's a little more concise, something Descarte would be proud of. 


The Empathy comes from every purchase containing a donation who is experiencing a different path of life while the Enlightenment comes from the message that most relates on your views or paradigms of the world.