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Donations for the soul



Why Do We Donate?

The idea of donating 1/3 of our profits came from the idea that I have harbored since a child, if you can then why not?  Money is just a resource, a tool, it doesn't define us, we define it. We have too many takers in this world and not enough givers, so my promise is that any item for sell on my site, and any future business endeavors, will have at least 1/3 of the profits given to a charity of the quarter. 



This Quarter 

August 2017- November 2017

1/3 of profits made in this time frame will be donated to a cause that supports women's safety, The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. By bringing more awareness to the subject, we are taking another step in ending such heinous actions.  We appreciate your participation and involvement in the cause. 


Jakobi E.